Wednesday, September 22, 2010

it's Wednesday...

so, it's Wednesday, and I have 2 more days of school. AHHHH! I'm relieved and a little sad about it. I'm relieved because I have 29 days until this baby is due to arrive, and I want to get things ready enough to help me relax. ;)  I'm a little sad because I wanted to be able to continue into the Sign Language Interpreter Program right after. However, our little family is my priority, so having this certificate is a big stepping stone on the path to that goal of mine. :)
so, did I mention that there's 29 days? I remember when I was in the 100's, and it felt like forever before we'd get to this point. I went through her clothes the other day, and I was just picturing holding her all little and cuddly, and it made me lover her EVEN MORE. Is that possible?? You betcha!
also, Church was great on Sunday. I don't know what it was about it, but I love going every Sunday with Quenton. I don't know how many women who have to go alone for whatever reason, but it's one of the best things in my life. Isn't it great that Heavenly Father has this awesome plan where we can have an ETERNAL companion to stand with us, support us, and help us to raise children to love Him, His Son, family, and everything that MEANS something. It's sad when I talk to people around me who miss out on these important principles. I want so badly for them to understand these concepts. Sometimes the best that we can do is to just our best within our own families so they can be the examples the leaders of the Church so often talk about. That's my goal for our children. I haven't always been the best example, but maybe they can make up the difference. :)
AAAAND I can't wait to not have heartburn everyday. I'm  not complaining, but I forget what it's like. ;)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

posts, posts......

so I was just reading some blogs to start my morning, and I felt that I needed to put up a new post. However, I realized that I don't often have anything profound to write about. Is my life that boring? Maybe I'm not reading enough books to elighten my life, or maybe I'm not doing enough service to have good experiences to share. Either way, life isn't maybe as enriched or as exciting as I'd like it to be.
oh well!! Maybe when I have time to read a good book, and our little baby is here I might feel more like someone who can be more of a positive influence. I know, that probably sounds lame, but it's hard to feel like you're doing good when you're being pulled in multiple directions. I guess I'll have to master that as a mom. Isn't that what they do? ;) Anyway, to whoever reads this, when you post on your blog insights into your soul, or things that you're passionate about, I read it and feel enlightened. Thanks.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

visitor, and the mutts

so, my mom is coming for a few days on Sunday, and I'm pretty excited! We'll be going to Wainwright for the long weekend, then bringing her back. While she's here we'll be cooking meals to freeze for after the baby is born, and sewing receiving blankets, and buying baby stuff, and organizing, and just visiting. She's more of the "let's just get things done" kind of person, where, at the moment, I'm more of a "let's do a bit now, take a nap, and then do a bit later" kind of person. :) It'll be good for her to come here. My mom is amazing. :) She is a baking machine, and has so much good advice for when our little girl is here. I cannot wait to spend some mother-daughter time. I think that it will be good practice. :)
we've also KENNEL TRAINED the dogs!! For those of you who don't have dogs, it's a pretty big/important step for us. They sleep in their kennels at night, and they'll go in there whenever we want some quiet time. They're pretty good outside of the kennel, but I thought it might be nice not having to step over them and having them in the way when the baby is here. Plus, I'm starting to get annoyed about people (the SAME people) asking us if we've decided to keep the dogs or not. When did we ever say that we weren't going to keep them? I love having them as a part of our family, and nothing will change that. :)
so, lots of changes coming up, and I'm excited for all of it. :)