Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Graduate!

Wow, so this is what it feels to be bursting with pride! My man is done with school! He's done so well and has worked so hard this last year. He actually graduated in December with a degree in Electrical Engineering biomedical option, but had his convocation on the 11th of June. What an example Quenton has been for me. I'm sure he's a little frustrated not being able to find a job in his field (stupid economy), but we both have faith that he'll find something.

Life has been pretty busy for us. The dogs are definitly getting bigger! Sugar got fixed a couple weeks ago, but just had the stitches removed yesterday. She had a cone for 13 days, and I'm sure by day 2 she was done with that. :) Both she and Buddy survived, but we get to look forward when he gets fixed..... :

I am so grateful to have them in our family. They have been such a blessing to us, and I love having them around, even when they pee all over my floor!