Wednesday, December 10, 2008

the joys of the season....

Well, it's getting closer to Christmas time, and I'm doing my best to be more domestic and attempt to make Christmas cookies. I made a batch of my mom's shortbread cookies, and I think they turned out really well. Now, all I have to do is buy myself a rolling pin and then I can make some sugar cookies. I'm kind of excited for that. It took so long for the snow to come that all of a sudden it feels like the season is passing me by. I still have a few things to buy for presents, but then I just get to enjoy everything. I'm excited that this is our first Christmas as a married couple. A few weeks ago we bought our first Christmas tree and decorated it. It was so nice to start traditions that we'll be able to carry on to our own children.
My sister and her husband were here last weekend. What a blessing that was for me. I didn't find that I was too emotional last week, but when Melanie came, all my emotions came out. It was good. I love my family!
I love my husband too. Wow, has he been the perfect partner for me! So patient and understanding, and he's taken on so much with work and finishing school, and then helping me out at home. I am just so grateful that he loves me the way that he does.
We're pretty excited for our Christmas break. It'll be nice to get away and visit family. I'm sure the time will fly by, but it'll be fun to see everyone. Who knows, maybe I'll bring more cookes to share, that is if they turn out ok. :)

Monday, December 1, 2008

sad times.....

Well, some of you may know that we lost the baby this weekend. It was pretty sad for both of us, but after a couple of days we are feeling ok about things. I had a feeling that things weren't quite normal, but what do I know about normal, never being pregnant before. I would love to just stay at home, avoid people at all cost, but we both know what we have to keep doing every day things to get back into a routine. This isn't going to hold us back from starting a family, though. No way! I know that we'll be blessed some day, and we can't wait. I have a lot of thoughts on what has happened, but need to run, so I'll be back. Thanks to everyone for their love and support. Not to worry. We are undefeated!