Friday, August 19, 2011

because I have too much to say and not enough time to say it....

..... I'm gonna just fill in the blanks and write an actual update later. :)


A. age :: 32

B. bed size :: queen (one day to be upgraded to a King--- gotta be able to fit the kids...)
C. chore you hate :: dishes-- I try not to, but not having a dishwashing machine means more work at the sink when I can be doing something else. I wonder if I'll ever like it.
D. dogs :: 2 -- Buddy and Sugar. Sometimes a pain, but I'm grateful we have them.
E. essential start to your day :: getting a kiss from the Q, and getting cuddles from Hazel.
F. favorite color :: Red and White

G. gold or silver ::silver

H. height :: 5'9 3/4"
I. instruments you play :: flute, dabbling on the piano

J. job title :: mom, wife, sister, friend

K. kids :: Hazel Autumn

L. live :: Edmonton

M. maiden name :: Lawrence

N. nicknames :: shmanya, tanny, tan-tan, Helga, mama

O. overnight hospital stays :: one stay after Hazel was born for 2 nights.

P. pet peeve :: Having to speak up or repeat myself. my kids will love that.

Q. quote ::  don't really  have one.... I'll have to ask Quenton.

R. righty or lefty :: righty
S. siblings :: Todd, Derek, Tammy, and Melanie (plus 6 brothers-in-law and 4 sisters-in-law)

T. time you wake up :: anywhere between 6-7 usually, sometimes 8 if Hazel wants to show me love. :)
U. university attended ::  Grant MacEwan (didn't finish....) then Lakeland College for my Sign Language and Deaf Culture certificate. soon to be going back...

V. vegetables you dislike: brussel sprouts, celery, onions (only sometimes, though. Thanks Quent)
W. what makes you run late :: I still underestimate how long it takes to do my hair. plus I need to remember the extra time for Hazel. One day it'll all come together.
X. x-rays you’ve had ::one for my ribs after a car accident and one for my gall bladder.
Y. yummy food :: chicken alfredo and chicken ceasar salad. mmmmmmmmm..........
Z. zoo animal favorite :: haven't been to the zoo in at least a decade, but I'd say the elephants and tigers.