Wednesday, January 25, 2012

baby baby,,,..

so just a quick update on our little peanut:

He (I say "he" so I don't have to say "it") is moving around TONS. :) I don't mind it at all!
He's definitly in a different position than Hazel was, because I've been having some serious stomach acid issues. I've tried some different tips from people, but so far all that's helped has been a prescription for Ranitidine. Sometimes that doesn't even work all that well, though. But, it's only temporary, right?
I think, according to my doctor's response, that he's growning just like he should be, so I'm hoping for around the same weight that Hazel was (hmmm, is that wishful thinking?)
I started Weight Watchers back in November, and haven't gained any weight, so that's a good thing (right?). :) It's been hard to overeat when my stomach has been so unpredictable, but learning to eat smaller portions, even while pregnant, has been a good habit to get into. I'm hoping it stays after the baby comes. That's my plan, anyway.
I'm already feeling uncomfortable, which makes it interesting when I'm trying to chase Hazel around or even play on the floor with her! I'm sure she prefers when daddy is home, since he has more energy and can do more with her. :)
I've had moments of being a little nervous about having 2 kids around, but I'll just take it a day at a time. For now, I'll just deal with my inconsistent stomach issues, and remember that this pregnancy really isn't that bad :)
Only 105 days to go...... are we ready?

I think so :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

ch-ch-ch-changes :)

i haven't written about Christmas yet, but I really wanted to document the changes that will be happening in the White household this year :)

So, as we were coming home from our holidays, Quenton and I talked about the changes we wanted to happen in our family. It actually got both of us really excited, since we feel that this is already going to be a  good year :)
So, one of the first things we talked about was our health. We don't eat a lot of junkfood (unless we're travelling), but we do like icecream. So, we're limiting ourselves to some sort of a treat once a week. It'll help us to change our desserts and start better habits. Going along with that, we're both going to continue with Weight Watchers. No, Quenton doesn't really need to be doing it, but having both of us on it will continue good eating habits, and let's face it, it's easier for me to do it if he's on board. :) I'm technically not supposed to do it while I'm pregnant, but I have been, just so it's not a huge change once I have this baby. He's lost about 10 lbs and I've lost around 7lbs. :) I got Quenton a workout bench for his weights at Christmas, so he's going to work out at least 3 times a week. (yes, that makes me happy!) Yay for a healthier lifestyle!!!
We also want to make sure we have the Elders over at least once a month, and invite friends over for dinner once a month too. I think coming from a place where we had NO space to entertain people, it's a bit of an adjustment to see that we can start doing that more now. Plus, we don't get out with friends that often, and I think it'll be good for us. sidenote: did anyone else notice a difference in associating with friends after you 
got married? We did. I just found it comfortable just hanging out with my hubby, so friends kind of went to the wayside.... glad we're going to remedy that!
We are going to be more diligent about no tv on Sundays and focus on watching Church and family movies. Having kids around definitly help to adjust your perspective! We also talked about FHE. It was hard to have something planned out when it was just him and I, but I'm excited to plan activities for Hazel and help her to understand that this is what we do one night a week. I've written a schedule on the calendar, and I'm really excited to get this going!
I would like to get into more crafts. It'll be good for me, and hopefully I'll get back into painting. Last year I didn't really take a lot of time for myself, and I think that by doing this I'll be a lot happier and more prepared for this little one to come :) plus, now that I'm on pinterest, the possibilities are ENDLESS!!! 
Our main goal for the year is to be happy. That sometimes takes effort, but it'll make our family time more enjoyable and I know that our kids will benefit and remember all these moments. :)