Wednesday, September 12, 2012



well, it's maybe not THAT bad, but I'm in a HUGE rut..... (is that how you spell rut??..... i don't know.)
My goal was to be a fit new mom and lose weight and look as good as I do in my head. That was my goal. I, however, have hit a WALL. Life has been really stressful lately, and I'm doing a little emotional eating. booooo! Ok, let's back up a little....

I started Weight Watchers after Jude was born, to at least get into some better eating habits. It was going really well, not to mention the perks of breast feeding. However, I couldn't/can't get past that 10 lb mark. :( 
I've been dealing with post partum depression as well, which seems to come and go. That definitly plays a part in this weight loss challenge. 

So, I'm still doing WW (at least going to get back on track asap), but need some pointers on the exercise part. I don't go to the gym (not my thing), and right now my comfort zone is my house and yard (ppd thing). Sooooo, I'm just wondering what you've used to work out at home and when? Ideally, it would be nice to have a work out partner, or at least someone to be accountable to. Quent has been lifting weights (yes, please!!) but has had changing schedules, so we're kind of doing this separately together.... ;) Eventually I'd like to run a 5/10 K race sometime, but I think that'll have to wait until I'm either not nursing or nursing less frequently.

Jude is 4 1/2 months old right now, and I'm really hoping to be able to buy a whole new wardrobe by Christmas. That's reasonable, right?

Anyway, any advice would be appreciated :) I'm done with feeling/looking like baby #3 is on the way......