Friday, February 11, 2011

kind of boring....

so, I've been wanting to post something new for a while, but nothing new has happened. I thought Hazel and I would get out to do some shopping, but that didn't work out. I seem to have high expectations of what I want to accomplish for the week, and have found that that's not always a good idea. Yesterday was a pretty good day; I got the dishes all done, vacuuming done, all Hazel's clothes washed, dried and put away, and I had a great day with little H. This last week I baked 2 cakes, a berry crisp and a loaf of bread. I don't think today will be as productive, though. I normally like winter, but right now I think it sucks. :) I would love to take Hazel out for a nice walk outside, but until I can see the sidewalks and the temp is in the  positive double digits, that isn't going to happen. I'm not one to go to the mall just to walk around, so brief outings will have to do for now.
I'm kind of excited for Valentine's Day. :) Quenton and I have always bought eachother books instead of chocolates, so we'll be going Saturday to pick out what we want. Normally we won't go together to buy the books, but we've kind of waited till the last minute. I think I'm going to look for a nice recipe to make Quenton a good Valentine's dinner for Monday. Any suggestions?
Hazel has been pretty good this last week. She rolls from her back to her side, and although that might not be a big deal, I think it's pretty exciting! We're getting her into a good bedtime routine, and instead of keeping her in her sleepers all day, I'm getting her dressed in a cute outfit. She might as well get some good use out of what she has before she's too big!
Life isn't super exciting here at the White house, but it's good.