Wednesday, February 22, 2012

a-ha moments......

I've been doing a lot of reminiscing lately about different events in my life, and although there are some things I would change, most I wouldn't. :) It did help me decide, however, that I not only need to be thinking about the future, but to prepare as well. Now, I'm not necessarily one for just living in the moment, but whenever I look at Hazel, I think that there are so many things that I want to do for her to help her live the best life.
We had the missionaries over last night, and we were talking about contacting and sharing the Gospel with friends and neighbours. I remember as a missionary how easy I believed it was to share something that I loved so much. I've discovered, however, it's a little more daunting than I remembered! Anyway, Quenton and I have decided that we need to make more of an effort, especially so we can show our kids how important missionary work is. I want them to love the Gospel as much as I do, and I really feel like this year will be a great year for us and missionary work :)

I've also dealt with post-partum depression, and feel that being around friends and performing service will help me to overcome some of the obstacles that come with PPD. I know there's a lot more that I can be doing (whether it's meds, councelling or whatever), but I want to see what I can do about preventing some symptoms before they happen. I know some girls who have had PPD with their pregnancies as well, so I'll probably turn to them for advice. :)

I need to say, too, how much I love my family. Not just my own little family, but my siblings and parents. I have felt for a long time that I'm different from my family members, and that I don't have as much in common with them as I used to, but all of that aside, I love them. There have been some things that have happened recently that have made me really think about what's important, and family is right up there. I haven't always felt that I could forgive past wrongs, but I read a talk President Faust gave in May 2007 called "The Healing Power of Forgiveness" that has really struck a chord with me. I think sometimes it's harder to forgive and move on than I would like, but if the goal in this life is to be as happy as we can, we need to do the hard stuff. Family is worth it. Eternity is worth it. Our happiness depends on it.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

a little help :)

so I was talking to a good friend the other day, and we were discussing children. Going from 1 to more than 1 sometimes seems like a daunting task, so K sent me a link to a blog we've both followed. After I read it, I felt like I could do this :) I highly recommend this for anyone expecting their second, third, or even fourth baby. :)

Thanks, friend! :)

daydreaming is ok :)

I remember when I was growing up, I was SUCH a dreamer. :) I've told Quenton this tons, but I would watch movies (especially Disney movies) and want the hero and heroine to get together in the end. I was a huge romantic, and would slowly piece together the kind of "prince" I wanted to sweep me off my feet. 
I always knew that I'd be married to a wonderful man, (I just didn't know it would take as long as it did!). Quenton has been one of the best things that's happened to me. :) I often think about how much Heavenly Father loves me, because he blessed me with the most amazing man. 
He is more patient with me than I deserve, he treats me like a queen, and he has the best heart. I love watching him with Hazel, and I can't wait to see him with this new little one. :) He never complains about things, especially the things that I forget to do around the house! And I love how he helps our with EVERYTHING. He's not afraid to change diapers, or do dishes, or cook. How did I get so lucky? I have no idea. 
This Valentine's Day, I was hoping to do something special for him. With this pregnancy, I'm having to take each day as it comes, so we'll see what I can come up with :) Bottom line: I LOVE this man :) I know that after all those years of dreaming and hoping for someone who would make me happier than I could have imagined, I got something even better :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

this week so far...

ok, so I'm sure I'm not the only mom who wonders if she's doing right by her child.

"Is this the proper way to discipline?" or "Am I being too much of a push over or too mean?"

These are some of the questions I've had, especially lately. Don't get me wrong, Hazel is such a great kid, and I love her to pieces, but I think she's picking up on my concerns over whether I'll be in over my head with 2 kids. I don't want to be "that" mom who says "no" to everything, but I feel that way when I'm tired or not feeling 100%. I know that there are family members and probably close friends who definitly have a different way of disciplining, so it's sometimes hard to "commiserate" when our views don't mesh.
I did, however, talk to a good friend today who gave me some good tips on not getting Hazel frustrated and how to discipline with love. I'm feeling like it's not so impossible now, and today is definitly a better day. :)

On another note, I am feeling FULL. It's funny how much you can forget about being pregnant, like how the baby will actually be GROWING :) This little one moves just as much as Hazel ever did, but hasn't had the hiccups yet (that I know of!). I keep telling Quenton that I forget how big this baby is getting until I get a kick here, or I read onling approximately how much "he" weighs. I sometimes look at Hazel and think, " wow, you were once the size of an avocado, or a grapefruit!". Now she's gabbing away, climbing up on couches, and growing up way too fast :)