Monday, July 19, 2010

life, life, life.....

so, life has definitly moved on since Costa Rica. :)  Our little girl has been moving and kicking me tons, and I love it! I know, I know, soon it'll probably pretty uncomfortable, but I'm enjoying it while I can. :)  We took a quick road trip to Utah at the beginning of July. One of my good friends, Wendy, was getting married, and we didn't want to miss it for anything. I hadn't really thought of the time it would take to drive down and come back, but it didn't matter since Quenton did most of the driving (boy, do I love him!!), we mostly played movies, and we had our super Caravan! It was SO much more comfortable, so it wasn't even a big deal. We drove back most of the way the day after the wedding, and then decided to stop in Cardston to see some friends of ours. I was sick pretty much the whole time, and it's still not toally gone, but what a great trip!
The next big thing we had planned was a WEEK camping with our families. :) The first half of last week was spent with my family camping in Saskatchewan, and the last half of the week was with Quent's family in southern Alberta. The Saturday involved seeing extended family on his mom's side, which was fun too. I'm not a big fan of camping, but I'm loving it more since I get to spend it with Quenton. :) I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!! The fact that we'll be bringing our little miracle into the world together makes me appreciate him and love him even more. He loves us so much, and is willing to do anything to make sure we're comfortable.  I still have my ASL classes until the end of September, and I'll probably still work part-time until the middle of that month, so I appreciate every little thing that he does for me.
Bumblebee is going to be coming home in no time, and I'm not going to lie, I have moments of being really nervous and feeling unprepared. We still have a lot to do to get the nursery ready, but we've already got family offering to help, so that helps to take some of the burden.
Life is good. Heavenly Father truly has blessed our lives with good family, great friends, and a little baby that will bless us more than we can comprehend. I think about her everyday, and can't wait to meet her! I am so happy, I can't even contain it!