Friday, December 7, 2012

please, allow me to vent.....

so I was on facebook yesterday, and I saw a link posted regarding the Church's view on homosexuality. I watched some of the videos of members who are both gay and mormon, and I honestly found it refreshing.
Let me preface this by saying that I have friends who are gay, and I love them. I, of course, also love the Church and the Gospel, so it was nice to read about the position the Church has on this sensitive subject. I don't want to go into great detail (you can look at the website here), but I really felt the Spirit and the love coming from our Father in Heaven. I think that this is a topic that anyone can pick apart and find criticism for either side, but I have nothing but respect for those who have to make these difficult decisions regarding such an emotional subject. I believe that those who take the time to seek the guidance of Heavenly Father, in order to make the decision that will ultimately bring them the greatest happiness, will have a deeper, more meaningful relationship with the Savior and our Father than they ever would.

So why are people not pleased with this?? We can't expect the Gospel or the Church to change to suit the needs of the individuals, and the way I see it, Church leaders are treating everyone equally; commandments are the same, the laws and ordinances are the same. I find it very frustrating when someone says that this makes them sad. Why?? I suppose that not having the eternal perspective on this could be why they feel that this isn't beneficial, but come on. The Church doesn't believe that by being homosexual you are automatically doomed to hell. Acting on those urges definitely changes things, but, in my opinion, it's no different than someone breaking the law of chastity. I definitly have feelings of frustration and annoyance directed towards those who are not listening to the Spirit, but, I suppose that we should only worry about our own relationship with the Lord and do our best to be understanding and loving.

We are here to love one another. That, ultimately, is the message. 


Let's celebrate the eternal perspective and the eternal blessings that are to be reaped from turning to the Lord in all things, no matter the situation, no matter the individual. 

Because we are all children of a Father in Heaven. 
And He loves each of us.