Tuesday, March 20, 2012


lucky number? no, not really.
the number of people in my immediate family (sibs and parents).
most importantly, the number of weeks I have until this little bundle arrives.

I went shopping with Hazel yesterday for clothes for both my kiddies (so weird saying that......) and it got me kind of excited. :) First, I love getting Hazel clothes. More than getting myself clothes, at the moment! I mean, she's cute on her own, just in a diaper, but putting her in cute jeans, or a sweet little summer dress is just that much cuter! So, that alone was pretty fun. :) Second, I went looking through boy section since I've been thinking this is going to be a boy (but if not, then I'll have something for when we do have one), and I was getting excited :) Baby boy clothes are super cute!! It helped me realize how close we really are to having this little miracle in our family. I can't wait!

This month is going to be the month to get all the things "baby" labelled ready; washing baby clothes, sewing blankets, preparing the cradle and setting everything up. Next month is everything else; frozen meals, maternity pics, relaxing, possibly shaving my legs (seriously, not as easy or worth it at the moment).

On another note, having bronchitis/sinusitis while pregnant is NOT fun. Yay for modern medicine. :) Oh, and I'm going to post pics of Hazel up soon. Cause she's just too cute to NOT brag about.