Tuesday, May 15, 2012

He's HERE!!!!!

well, I'm happy to say that our little man arrived early, on May 6th at 3:30am. :)

So, here's the story......

My mom came on the 29th of April because we both thought that I'd be going into the hospital any time. That night around 11pm, I realized I hadn't felt Jude move since about 12:30 that afternoon. I called Healthlink and they told me to go in, just to be monitored. It's not uncommon for fetal movement to decrease as they get bigger, but I really hadn't felt anything and was a little concerned. It turned out that we stayed there for a couple of hours until they felt like he had moved enough. They did mention to us that if Jude's movements didn't meet the requirements that they were looking for, they would consider inducing me. The doctor asked me to come back the next day for an ultrasound, just to make sure things were ok, so I came back in the morning. I was there for almost 4 hours, and they still wanted me to come back that evening after I had eaten supper. I wasn't feeling to worried at this point, just because I saw that Jude's heart rate was good, and the ultrasound tech said that things looked great. So, Quenton and I came that night, and finally Jude's movements picked up and I didn't have to come back again. I kept track through the week, just to make sure I could feel him move, and just waited. I'll admit, I was starting to feel a little impatient at this point. I think i just felt like he was ready to come, and nothing was really happening.
That Friday I went for another appointment with my OB and I was only 2-3 cm dilated. :( I wasn't really happy about that, but I figured we'd see how the weekend went. That night, I started having contractions, so both Quenton and I slept in the livingroom, just in case I needed to go in. I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep, so I just watched tv. However, everything must have stopped, because the next thing I knew I was waking up and was NOT feeling any contractions. sad day. We went to bed and hoped that things would pick up the next day.
All day Saturday my contractions came and went, sometimes they were 5 minutes apart, sometimes 15. But, again, by that night I hadn't felt my baby move all that much, so I called Healthlink again. The nurse told me since I had alread been in for the same reason earlier in the week that I should just go in again. After about 1-2 hours of another non-stress test and mild contractions, the doctor on call (chief resident) checked me (2-3 cm AGAIN) and said that he'd recommend induction. He gave us time to talk it over, and we decided that we'd stay. I was still trying to wrap my head around the fact that we were going to have our little boy that night!

Soooo, even before the drip, my contractions quickly increased, and the memories of Hazel's birth came back to me pretty fast! Active labour started around 11:30, and with a little walking (and some help from the drip) in no time I was at 4cm, then 5, and quickly progressed to 7 then 8! Somewhere in there, my water broke (which I was thankful for!). I had actually brought my iPod and both Q and I planned on being able to have a little nap after my epidural. No dice. Jude's heart rate would drop every time I had a contraction, and the doctor told us if it happened once more they would do a c-section. Thankfully I had progressed and dilated enough that I could start pushing after the next contraction. I was a little surprised that I was ready to start pushing, but 10 minutes later, little Jude was here!! Everything was so different from Hazel's labour and delivery, but I was so grateful for such a unique experience.

I love my little Judebug xoxoxoxo

Jude Edward White
May 6, 2012
7lbs 6oz

(how do I rotate this?)

love you, little boy.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

come on, now.....

i want this baby.

I've never considered anything gross like drinking Castor oil, or jumping on a trampoline, but I will walk around (as long as it's not too painful!). I have 8 days left until this baby's due date, but it kind of sounds like I'll either have it before or my doctor will induce me possibly on Friday. 

Sunday night, I realized that I hadn't felt the baby move ALL afternoon. I know that movements are definitly more limited as the baby gets bigger, but it was longer than I thought it should have been. I called Healthlink and after 2 questions they told me to head to the hospital. So, we left around 11:30pm. After monitoring the baby, they wanted me to go home and come back the next day to monitor the baby again. So, I went to the hospital on Monday and after being there for another 2 hours, they wanted me to come back after I had eaten supper last night. I saw my doctor that afternoon as well, and he said that I'm 2 cm now, and if nothing happens before Friday, so see him then. 

So, I'm really starting to get a little anxious for this little one to come now. Mostly because I want to be done with feeling uncomfortable :)

So, if you can think of some "early arrival" baby thoughts, please send them our way :) Hopefully the next post will have some cutesie baby pictures to show you!