Friday, October 25, 2013


hello, blogging world :)

It's been a few months, but I finally found a moment where I decided not to catch up on my sleep and also to leave the kitchen like it is (don't worry, I won't post a picture of my kitchen!) 
So, what has been going on here....... well, I have 8 days until D-Day, and I think I'm actually somewhat feeling ready for her arrival. I have seriously been feeling more uncomfortable this time around than with the other two. I went to the doctor yesterday and nothing was really happening, so he suggested lots of squats and walking. After shopping for groceries last night, I decided to do some leg stretches and WOW, was I feeling it later! But, I have a feeling that I won't be overdue if I follow the doctor's orders, so on come the running shoes!
We had a name picked out for baby, but ended up changing it to something that we love. :) We clearly don't choose traditional names, but each name has matched our kids perfectly. 

So, I have been so tired this last month, that my mothering skills have gone down the toilet. Do my kids watch movies through the day? Yup. Have I fallen asleep on the couch more than once while one or both of them have been busy playing with their toys? Sadly, yes. I would love to be doing more colouring or crafts, or anything with them, but unless I can sleep well at night, I literally cannot keep my eyes open. :( How do other moms do it? I have no idea. I am hoping that once baby is here that even though I'll be getting up often to feed, I'll be able to do more with H and J. At least try to establish a schedule while my mom is here to be better prepared when I'm on my own! 

Hopefully the next post will be when she's here, early, and everything went well :)